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Self-Representation on Social Networks

Ivan Perkov ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet hrvatskih studija, Borongajska cesta 83d, HR–10000 Zagreb
Petar Šarić ; Obrtnički odvojak 14, HR–10310 Ivanić Grad

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This paper presents a sociological theoretical framework for the study of self-representation in social networks. Theoretically, the paper draws on the sociological classics of E. Goffman and M. Castells and work from other academic fields in which self-presentation and social networks have been explored as social phenomena. The first part of the paper provides a contextual framework for the development of information technology and the growth of social network users, and offers some terminological clarifications. Then, the sociological approaches to the phenomena of social networks and self-representation are analysed within the framework of the dramaturgical approach. The spatiotemporal framework created by the emergence of the Internet is questioned, and self-representation is examined in this context. The notion of the exhibition site that defines the new form of appearance on social network platforms, the temporal status of the contemporary form of self-representation on social networks and the asynchronous character of communication implied by this self-representation are also analysed.

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social networks, social media, self-representation, dramaturgical approach, Erving Goffman, Manuel Castells, asynchronous communication, exhibition page

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