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Geography of Non-place: An Analysis of the Arena Centar in Zagreb (Macrolevel)

Karlo Mak orcid id ; Gimnazija Antuna Gustava Matoša, Samobor, Hrvatska
Martina Jakovčić orcid id ; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Geografski odsjek, Hrvatska

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str. 273-292

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Based on Augé’s concept of non-place, an interpretative model was designed for the analysis of
the shopping mall (Microlevel) and the surrounding urban space (Macrolevel). De Certeau’s
concept of consumer production is used to establish a functional connection between the two
levels. According to De Certeau, people are not merely passive consumers of space but build
networks of resistance and thus participate in the creation of unstable spatial constellations.
The model was applied to the case of the Arena Centar. This paper brings the results of research
at a higher spatial level. It is based on transit markers that visitors of the mall leave in the
surrounding space. These markers were detected by field research, mapping, photographing
and the observation method. The analysis shows that the mall has a tendency to transform the
surrounding space into a non-place, which can be seen in various spatial transitional marks as
well as in dynamic morphological, functional, and demographic changes.

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non-place, consumer production, shopping mall, Arena, Lanište, Jaruščica

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