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A Contribution to the Heritage of the Slavonian Noble Family Adamović of Čepin

Jasminka Najcer Sabljak orcid id ; Akademija za umjetnost i kulturu u Osijeku
Silvija Lučevnjak ; Zavičajni muzej Našice

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The noble family of Adamović Čepinski was from the 18th century in possession of the Čepin, Tenje, Aljmaš and Erdut estates in Slavonia and Podunavlje as well as of some estates in Bačka; over the course of time, it split into the Čepin and Tenje factions. This text provides less known and yet unexplored data on the history of the Tenje family faction which from the 19th century owned an estate that had its seat in Velenje (Slovenia). They left significant traces in economic, cultural and political life and constituted a connection between present-day eastern Croatia and Slovenia at the time when these areas belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, i.e. to the same constitutional and cultural circle. Although they sold the Tenje estate in the late 19th century, they remained connected to the estates in Erdut, Bačko Novo Selo and Ostrožac; after they sold Velenje, they continued to live there up until World War II. They strengthened their social position additionally through marital ties between notable families the relations of which reached to the Viennese Court, the Russian Imperial Court and the Court of Victorian England. A significant family bond was created with the politician and landlord Ervin Cseh de Szent-Katolna, the grand prefect of the Syrmia County. His stepson Ivan Albrecht Baron Adamović of Čepin was also prefect of the Syrmia and subsequently the Virovitica County. After World War II the family was deprived of all its estates in then Yugoslavia; however, after decades in exile the heirs were able to reclaim their estates in Croatia in part.

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Adamović Čepinski; Cseh; Velenje; Erdut; Bačko Novo Selo; Ostrožac

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