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Interculturalism in Croatian Education: Literature Review

Marija Sablić orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Lorenza Jägera 9, 31000 Osijek, Croatia
Andrea Migles ; Slavonska ulica 6, 31300 Beli Manastir, Croatia
Višnja Rajić ; Faculty of Teacher Education University of Zagreb Savska cesta 77, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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As a scientific and practical approach to cultural diversity, interculturalism implies a
positive and active relationship between groups and individuals who are different from
each other in certain characteristics (national, ethnic, racial, religious, gender, and
other). The education system plays a significant role in practicing and implementing
interculturalism. Intercultural education is a teaching model that encompasses the
implementation of constructive dialogue, understanding different cultures, equality
of all citizens, and freedom to form one’s identity. The aim of this paper is to provide
a systematic review of Croatian scientific and professional literature on intercultural
education in Croatia. The review of the literature consists of the analysis of 28 papers
containing relevant information and knowledge on the research topic. As the observed
papers consider different aspects of intercultural education, these aspects were divided
into several areas, for the purpose of clarity and analysis: Intercultural competence,
Interculturalism in teaching, Intercultural curriculum, Intercultural sensitivity and
social distance, and Interculturalism in teaching Music.

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identity, interculturalism, intercultural approach, education, systematic literature review

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