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Milk quality on some delivery regions in Croatia

Dražeta Dražetić
Neven Antunac ; Zavod za mljekarstvo, Agronomski fakultet, Svetošimunska 25, 10000 Zagreb
Dubravka Samaržija
Samir Kalit

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In collected cow`s milk samples, from five ransom areas in the Republic of Croatia, a chemical composition and hygienic quality are analysed. The milk quality is accomplished thru a period of one year (1998/99), i.e. before the Regulations on fresh raw milk quality was accepted. Milk samples are analysed for the following parameters (%): milk fat, proteins, and non-fat dry matter content, somatic cell count and total bacterial count. Significant differences are determined between ransom areas (P<0.05) with regard to the amounts of proteins and non-fat dry matter. The amounts of fat, proteins and
non-fat dry matter of the analysed milk samples, are lower (3.23%, 4.55% and 24.78% respectively) than those stated by the Regulations on fresh raw milk quality. To prescribed hygienic milk quality, with regard to chemical composition, is not satisfied for considerably larger number of samples. With inclusion of hygienic milk quality in a new system of payment and by following a strict basic procedures in milk production, certainly will result with improvement of milk quality, which will satisfy the prescribed Croatian and European criteria.

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milk, chemical composition, hygienic quality, Regulations

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