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Evidence of sulphonamide residues by rapid laboratory test

Damir Kaša ; J. J. Strosmayera 61, Pitomača

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In addition to the significant role in the treatment of bacterial diseases, primarily mastitis, intestinal infections and pneumonia, sulphonamides are used as fodder additives. The disadvantage of antimicrobial therapy in dairy cows is the residue presence, of biologically active substances, in milk and milk products. The purpose of this paper is to control milk for sulphonamide residues in relation to the amounts as permitted by the Regulations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia No. 39/2003). To determine sulphonamides, the laboratory test LabSULFAmilk, manufactured by Frank analab d.o.o., was used. Positive reaction to sulphonamide residues was found in 10 % of the examined samples.

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milk, sulphonamide residues

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