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Veterinary “acquis communnitaire” with attention to the veterinary public health

Nevenka Gašparac ; Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, šumarstva i vodnog gospodarstva, Uprava za veterinarstvo
Danijela Lamer ; Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, šumarstva i vodnog gospodarstva, Uprava za veterinarstvo

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EC Avis from 20. April 2004 confirmed the well known fact that before joining EU Republic of Croatia still has a lot of work on establishing veterinary legislative frame and bringing into force secondary legislation as well as organizing activities in the veterinary field. Achieving and maintaining the status of third country approved for export to the EU included regular European inspection missions. In respect of Croatian decisive position to become an EU member state as soon as possible, it is expected that the time period before veterinary profession will be demanding by comparison with amount of legislative acts which should be incorporated in existing primary and secondary legislation as well as new systems of official controls which should be implemented. With the beginning of negotiations the intensity of European inspection missions will be significantly increased and they will cover all establishments which are interested in obtaining export category. Taking into consideration established deadlines it is important to note that harmonization of veterinary legislation and modernization of meat processing establishments as well as dairy establishments should be started as soon as possible in order to fulfill all EU requirements.

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European union (EU), European commission (EC), opinion of EC, acquis communnitaire, inspection

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