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Production, properties and use of donkey milk (for food and cosmetic purposes)

Sandra Mandinić ; Veleučilište "Marko Marulić" u Kninu, Knin.
Katja Kopilaš ; Veleučilište "Marko Marulić" u Kninu, Knin., Završena studentica.
Boris Dorbić ; Veleučilište "Marko Marulić" u Kninu, Knin.
Marija Vrdoljak ; Veleučilište "Marko Marulić" u Kninu, Knin.

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str. 64-73

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Donkeys have long been used as working animals, while today they are most often bred for the
production of donkey milk, especially on family farms as an important raw material in cosmetics and
medicine and as a substitute for human milk in the diet of newborns. Donkey's milk as a quality
nutritional food is used to strengthen the immune system and treat some diseases, especially the
respiratory system and skin diseases. Cosmetic products that contain donkey's milk, such as creams,
soaps, shampoos, etc. nourish and protect healthy skin and treat problematic skin. The most common
sales are on the family farm itself, thanks to today's online sales, fairs, while some of these products
are in the retail chains themselves. In the future, further promotion of the same is definitely needed, as
well as the education of future farmers.

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donkeys, donkey milk, cosmetic products with donkey milk.

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