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The Role of Media Literacy in the Self-Concept of Young People Conditioned by Media Ideals of Beauty

Tea Stipan orcid id ; Bruketa & Zinic & Grey, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Today, the media is an integral part of our everyday life and one of the most important ways of interacting with the environment, which is particularly important for young people, for whom the media is an important agent of socialisation and a factor that influences the formation of identity. Sociocultural beauty standards presented in the media can have a significant impact on the self-image of young people, as well as on their attitudes towards a desirable appearance. The results of research conducted thus far show that media representations of beauty ideals significantly impact the manner young people perceive their appearance. A review of the available literature on the topic showed that short-term media literacy interventions work in terms of provoking media scepticism and reducing negative effects, however, that real changes in attitudes require long-term interventions. This review aims to provide detailed insight into the theoretical and research achievements thus far in the field of media impact on the self-image of one's appearance among young people and to provide guidelines for further research on the importance of media literacy in the regulation of satisfaction with one’s body.

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body self-concept, media literacy, media ideals, media influence, youth and media

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