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Historical and Philosophical Research of the European Identity

Ivan Smiljanić orcid id ; Osječka ulica 205, HR–33000 Virovitica

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This paper investigates the assumptions and ways of understanding the idea of European identity on a spiritual basis, or more specifically, the conditions of possibility for the interpretation of European identity in the context of studying the common cultural history of the European nations. Since our source of interpretation of European history is the principle of the spirit, which in the historical sphere is primarily embodied in the domain of that which is cultural, whose representation is the life of the spirit in art, but primarily in philosophy and religion, we chose the work of British philosopher and cultural historian Christopher Dawson, who demonstrates, in an exemplary way, what we care about most in this paper. Taking into account the hierarchy of degrees of reality – spirit, culture, religion – Dawson constructs the concept of European identity, by definition already common to all European nations as historical creations, interpreting European culture as an expression of the organic. That is exactly why we can talk about the roots of European identity. In terms of all the above said, a common European identity, based on European culture, has its roots in the Christian philosophy and religion, which, according to Dawson, is not a mere idealistic fact, but an expression of historical, political, social, and legal reality.

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Christopher Dawson; culture; religion; Christianity; Europe; identity; cultural history; spirit

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