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The school library as a source of happiness and knowledge: setting standards

Marija Purgar orcid id ; OŠ „Grigor Vitez“, Osijek
Irena Bando orcid id ; OŠ Jagode Truhelke, Osijek

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str. 115-130

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Purpose. The purpose of this article is to analyze the role of school libraries as crucial factors in fostering joy in learning and laying the groundwork for the development of knowledge among students. Through a review of the recently held national professional conference "School Libraries: My Happy Place," the article aims to explore how establishing standards for the operation of school libraries can transform these spaces into centers that not only provide information and collections but, through their services, encourage curiosity, develop critical thinking, and support the emotional well-being of students.
Approach and Methodology. The article integrates the conclusions and recommendations of experts obtained from the professional conference. Special attention is given to the new Standard for School Libraries (NN 61/2023) as a fundamental legal document ensuring equality of basic working conditions in all school libraries in Croatia. The methodology involves analyzing professional presentations, recommendations, and conclusions from the conference, with an emphasis on practical implications and the application of standards in shaping school library policies.
Findings. The article emphasizes the importance of the new Standard for School Libraries as a key tool for enhancing the learning experience by ensuring equal working conditions in school libraries. The recommendations of library experts are integrated, providing guidance for transforming libraries into spaces that foster the development of various skills in students. The findings indicate practical steps for the implementation of standards and the improvement of the quality of the educational experience.
Limitations. Limitations of this approach may include specificities related to the application of standards in different school contexts. Additionally, limitations may arise from the specificity of the professional conference and the generalization of conclusions at the national level.
Practical Implications. The article provides practical implications for shaping school library policies. It emphasizes the importance of implementing the new Standard in practice to ensure equality of working conditions and promote a quality educational environment.
Social Significance. The analysis of social significance highlights how a well-established professional standard for school libraries contributes to the quality of the educational process, contributes to the overall well-being of students, and creates a stimulating educational environment. According to the article, school libraries play a crucial role in shaping a positive social and educational context.
Originality/Value. The originality of the article lies in integrating the conclusions of the professional conference into the context of the new Standard for School Libraries. The value of the article is reflected in providing guidance for enhancing the role of school libraries as centers of joy, learning, and knowledge among students, emphasizing practical steps to achieve these goals.

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school library, standards, joy of learning, Erasmus projects

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