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We Live, Move and Have our Being among Technologies. The World in a Postphenomenological Perspective

Astrit Salihu orcid id ; Univerziteti i Prishtinës, Fakulteti Filozofik, Rr. Nënë Terezë, p.n., XK–10000 Prishtina

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While not aiming to exhaust the project of postphenomenology in the philosophy of technology, a field characterized by its empirical nature when contemplating the relationship with technology, the focus is on articulating some general assumptions for a distinct perspective on the human-world relationship, one that can clearer delineate the contemporary hyper-technological context. This context allows for the consideration of post-Heideggerian or post-phenomenological aspects, wherein the world can be contemplated without the presumption of a “being given” state through systemic and practical constructivism. By doing so, it moves beyond the confines of mere “lifeworld” and “being-in-the-world”, shedding their sheer clearing and daunting openness, thereby complementing the understanding of the technological and the artificial. This does not imply considering the technological and artificial as mere supplements to the human-world constellation; on the contrary, it is through contemplation of the technological and artificial that one can truly grasp both the human and the world simultaneously. If postphenomenology is viewed as a “critical dialogue” with the phenomenological tradition, it becomes evident that the philosophies of Don Ihde and Peter Sloterdijk have had a significant impact in paving the way for a different understanding of the relationship between humans and the world, overturning any notions of self-referentiality inherent in classical phenomenology.

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world; technology; postphenomenology; Don Ihde; Peter Sloterdijk

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