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Approach to people in the context of pastoral care

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Since the beginning of his own consciousness, man has continued to seek the answer to the underlying question of who he is. The answer to that question has practical importance in the context of dealing with different types of pastoral care and helping man in need. With this article, we ponder some of these answers. In the first part of the text we mention the answers in which man, in his intention to realize himself, finds meaning through certain scientific disciplines or comes to individual conclusions about him after certain scientific researches. This first part is then extended in the second part, where the additional emphasis on the role of personalism was included. In the third part, we look at God’s answer to man’s question about himself. God’s revelation perceives man as a being of transcendence and ever since the time of the first biblical text, we call this image of man as being created in God’s image or imago Dei. The fourth part of the text deliberates the approach to man in an indirect context to pastoral care and in the three approaches to human relations –man’s relation to himself, his relation towards his fellow man and his relation towards God. Furthermore, we look at the approach of man through various dimensions of his personality, most of all his physical, emotional, sensible, social and spiritual. Contemplating the approach to man is important since the framework through which we define a man is determined by the space and area of our acts. To approach man as a person made in God’s image is the basic framework of Christian pastoral care. However, this is not just a framework as no matter how we approach man – whether through the three aforementioned relations, or through the dimension of human personality, or in some other way, becoming like Christ is and remains the starting point and goal of every Christian pastoral.

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Pastoral care; man; a person; the image of God (imago Dei); relation; dimensions of personality

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