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Body fluids and electrolyte balance are the essential
parts of optimal physiological function of human body.
Physical exercise and sport can produce dehydration and
changes in relationship between intra and extra cellular
fluids. The aim of this paper was to examine the
knowledge about hydration in sport coaches.
The sample consisted of 170 sports coaches from
different sports (mean age 27,5 years, range 17-55). A
questionnaire was constructed and filled in by the coaches
anonymously. Basic descriptive statistical parameters
were calculated.
The results pointed to the fact that the knowledge
about hydration of sports caches in Croatia is not on
adequate level. They know that hydration is the important
part of training and competition and that athlete have to
take fluids before, during and after training/competition.
Coaches do not know that thirst is not good sign of
dehydration, but they know that by weighting before and
after the exercise fluid loss can be estimated.
Concerning data is that coaches have no knowledge
about damage that can be produced by dehydration. Also,
very disturbing finding is that coaches think alcohol
beverages can help in re-hydration.

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hydration, rehydration, sport coach

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