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Bioethical Strongholds of Corporate Social Responsibility

Iva RINČIĆ LERGA ; Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka

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In the last few decades the concept of responsibility from the
legal field has become one of the central ethical and most
recently bioethical categories and issues of research.
Notwithstanding the evident increase of theoretical investigation
and of interest for the practice of responsibility in the sense of an
ethical category, it is still difficult to offer a one-sided and
unambiguous definition of the referred to concept. This situation
is exposed to difficulties as presently it is already possible to
speak of different types/levels of responsibilities – thereby
literature recognizes causational responsibility, personal
responsibility, political and collective responsibility, and lately the
concept of corporate responsibility has become a frequent issue.
The methodology used in this paper is review, analysis and
interpretation of the bioethics literature, as well as literature considering
the issue of corporate social responsibility. The purpose of
research is to define and survey the particularities of these issues
and to point out that the concept of corporate social responsibility
has its strongholds in bioethics. The final result of this paper is to
define the above-mentioned bioethical strongholds in corporate
social responsibility, while the conclusion is that the concept of
corporate social responsibility can find its main strongholds, as
well as future perspectives, in bioethics.

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bioethics; corporation; corporate social responsibility

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