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Religious education in schools facing the demands of evaluation

Ana Thea Filipović

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Te article illustrates the current tendencies of educational policy in the world, especially in Europe and in Croatia, and it theologically and pedagogically discusses the concept of education and the image of man who stands in the background of those tendencies. It points to different models of the running and development of the quality of education, and also deliberates the need for religious education which is facing demands from the outer and inner evaluation of education. It talks about the necessity and importance of both feedback and evaluation in (religious) classes, on the extent and comprehension of evaluation, the criteria in evaluating religious education, the desire to be objective and just in the act of evaluation, directionality towards a subject, the aspects of religious education which cannot be evaluated, and on the sub-ordinance of evaluation to religious upbringing and learning. In the end, the suggestion of aspects and components of upbringing and educational outcomes, meaning the religious competence which religious education is heading towards, is mentioned.

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religious education, evaluation, centrality of a person, educational policy, concept of education, religious competence

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