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The author in this paper describes the famous Senj noble family Blažiolović (Blasiolis), of Italian origin, but very early on Croaticized and whose members took high church and military positions in the town of Senj. Originally of this family was also Jakov Blažiolović, a Senj bishop and glagolitic priest, who translated the book ‘La confessione generale’ by Franciscan bother Michael de Carcana from Milan. The book was printed in glagolitic in Senj in 1496 under the title ‘Spovid općena’ (General confession).
The family had four stone relief coat of arms in the town: on the grave stone monument of Matija Blažiolović from 1564 who was buried in the Church of St. Francis, stone family coat of arms on the top of a well, family stone coat of arms which today is placed in Ivo Vlatković Street and a stone relief coat of arms of Bishop Jakov Blažiolović which today is placed above the entrance in Sacral Heritage.
Some members of this family participated in the delegations of influential people of Senj to the court in Vienna. It is sure this family of Italian origin was mentioned for the first time in one document from 1503 in which Antun Blažiolović asked the then Hungarian-Croatian King Vladislav to confirm privileges to the town of Senj which before were confirmed by King Mathias Corvinus of Hungary. Some members of this family were noted in the first (1540) and second (1551) list of Senj mercenary troops and Gašpar Blažiolović was on the list of military troops in Otočac in 1551. As an important and influential noble family they left a deep trace in the history and culture of this town of Uskoks.

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