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Orthologic Tetrahedra with Intersecting Edges

Hans-Peter Schröcker orcid id ; University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

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Two tetrahedra are called orthologic if the lines through vertices of one and perpendicular to corresponding faces of the other are intersecting. This is equivalent to the orthogonality of non-corresponding edges. We prove that the additional assumption of intersecting non-corresponding edges (“orthosecting tetrahedra”) implies that the six intersection points lie on a sphere. To a given tetrahedron there exists generally a one-parametric family of orthosecting tetrahedra. The orthographic projection of the locus of
one vertex onto the corresponding face plane of the given tetrahedron is a curve which remains fixed under isogonal conjugation. This allows the construction of pairs of conjugate orthosecting tetrahedra to a given tetrahedron.

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orthologic tetrahedra, orthosecting tetrahedra, isogonal conjugate

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