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Observations on the Lexis of Marulić’s Naslidovan’je (Imitation) – from Latin Original to Croatian Translation

Marijana Horvat orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb
Sanja Perić Gavrančić orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb

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str. 223-234

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The Od naslidovan’ja Isukarstova i od pogarjen’ja tašćin segasvitnjih by Marko Marulić is the oldest known translation into Croatian of the celebrated medieval work De imitatione Christi by Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471). The work De imitatione Christi became popular very soon after it appeared, and has remained so down to this day, which is confirmed by the title of the »fifth gospel« that has been applied to it.
No autograph of Marulić’s Naslidovan’je is extant, but we know of two transcripts. What is called the London manuscript is a copy of a copy of only the first third of Marulić’s translation, while a copy of the whole text known as the Zadar manuscript is the basis for the first publication of the Naslidovan’je in 1989, in two independent editions: one publication was edited by Milan Moguš and the other by Zvonimir Kulundžić and Julije Derossi.
This paper is based on our own transcription of the Zadar manuscript; we endeavour to show the extent to which the lexis of the Imitation is dependent on or independent of the latin original. Because of the assumption that Marulić’s stance and procedure as translator would be conditioned by the authority of the original we would expect precision and accuracy in the translating.
Marulić was aware of the difficulty of the task when he undertook the translation of Kempis’ work (not only because the original was of high quality, highly appreciated and important, but also because of the exceptional finish of the latin and the expressive possibilities that it offered), on the one hand, but also of his own capacities of choice within the opportunities that Croatian afforded him. His translation skill is particularly recognisable in the ways in which he conveys the Latin original in the Croatian lexis. When he could not find appropriate solutions in the expressive capacities of Croatian, then he would create calques for the latin model and introduce neologisms.

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Marko Marulić; Thomas a Kempis; De imitatione Christi; calque; neologism

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