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Relations between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aspirations with Zuckerman’s Model of Personality

Bojana Dinić orcid id ; Odsek za psihologiju, Filozofski fakultet, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu

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The aim of the present study was to examine the relationships between intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations and personal characteristics of Zuckerman’s model, as the differences in personal charachteristics between those with differerent orientations of aspirations. The sample included 186 participantsof both genders. Aspirations were measured by the Aspiration Index (AI: Kasser and Ryan, 1996), and personal characteristics by Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire III Revised (ZKPQ-III-R: Joireman and Kuhlman, 2004).
Confirmatory factor analyses of the AI and ZKPQ-III-R subscales revealed that the best-fitting model comprised two latent dimensions, which both included impulsivity, but in opposite direction. The first one contains subscales of impulsive sensation seeking (impulsivity and sensation seeking), sociability (higher parties and friends, and lower isolation tolerance), aggression/hostility and extrinsic aspirations, while the second one contains lower impulsivity and higher activity (general activity and work effort) and intrinsic aspirations.
Differences between different orientations of aspirations indicate that participants with dominatly intrinsic orientation, as opposite to those with dominatly extrinsic orientation had higher scores on activity subscales and lower scores on impulsivity, which was named work ethic. Those with higher aspirations in general had higher scores of sociability (positive parties and friends, and negative isolation tolerance), sensation seeking and aggression/hostility, which was named social expansiveness.
These findings confirm theoretical expectations about the relations between aspirations and personal characteristics, and offer interpretation in light of interactive effects of examined constructs.

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intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations, aspiration orientations, Zuckerman’s model of personality, structural models

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