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The Child with Malignant Disease and Clinical Assessment of Effects of Complementary Supportive-Therapeutic Programmes

Jasna Kudek Mirošević orcid id ; Osnovna škola Dragutina Tadijanovića, Hrvatska udruga za psihosocijalnu onkologiju, Zagreb

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Children's tumours are one of numerous problem fields within the population of persons with motor disorders and/or chronic diseases. In this study, a sample of 11 patients (8 boys and 3 girls) of chronological age between 6 and 15 years, who were hospitalised at the Oncology and Haematology Department of the Children's Hospital in Zagreb, was defined. According to the clinical study protocol, therapeutic breathing, relaxation exercises and music stimuli were applied for the purpose of arousing attention and psycho-emotional responsiveness of patients. The TEMAS (Tell-Me-A-Story) multicultural test of thematic apperception and a form of therapeutic approach was also applied. The programme PROM (Nikolić, 1997) was used in the analysis of qualitative and quantitative changes for controlled variables during the treatment, and the method by Jöreskog, Karl G. (1966) was used for testing the differences among matrices of correlation in two assessment points for the fields of cognitive functions, personality functions and affective functions. The presented results arise from the scientific research project "Complementary Supportive Therapies and Development of Life Potentials", supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.
Based on the research results, it was established that the TEMAS model as a complementary diagnostic and supportive-therapeutic approach; in particular, changes were established in verbal fluency, as well as in encouraging and releasing the child's spontaneity and creativity. The need for further research in this field has been noted as well.

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malignant diseases; child; creativity; quality of life; palliative care; rehabilitation

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