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Validation and measurement uncertainty estimation in food microbiology: differences between quantitative and qualitative methods

Vesna Režić Dereani ; SMS Prehrambeno razvojni centar, Kurtovici bb, Klis
Marijana Matek Sarić orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zadru, Odjel za zdravstvene studije, Trg kneza Višeslava, Zadar

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str. 207-213

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The aim of this research is to describe quality control procedures, procedures for validation and measurement uncertainty (MU) determination as an important element of quality assurance in food microbiology laboratory for qualitative and quantitative type of analysis. Accreditation is conducted according to the standard ISO 17025:2007. General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, which guarantees the compliance with standard operating procedures and the technical competence of the staff involved in the tests, recently are widely introduced in food microbiology laboratories in Croatia. In addition to quality manual introduction, and a lot of general documents, some of the most demanding procedures in routine microbiology laboratories are measurement uncertainty (MU) procedures and validation experiment design establishment. Those procedures are not standardized yet even at international level, and they require practical microbiological knowledge, altogether with statistical competence. Differences between validation experiments design for quantitative and qualitative food microbiology analysis are discussed in this research, and practical solutions are shortly described. MU for quantitative determinations is more demanding issue than qualitative MU calculation. MU calculations are based on external proficiency testing data and internal validation data. In this paper, practical schematic descriptions for both procedures are shown.

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measurement uncertainty; validation; food microbiology laboratory; qualitative and quantitative measurement

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