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Values Education

Vini RAKIĆ ; Ministarstvo znanosti, obrazovanja i športa Republike Hrvatske, Zagreb
Svjetlana VUKUŠIĆ ; Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

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Values education is a field where there is a lot of
disagreement and lack of clear views, especially related to
approaches and methods of teaching, values that should be
transmitted and the role of teachers and schools in this
process. This article gives a brief review of those questions
and answers, guided by an intention to recognize and
offer some explanations of theoretical and practical
problems that education faces in the process of
implementing values into the educational system.
Two of the most influential but opposite approaches
in values education are depicted – direct approach or
character education and cognitive-developmental
approach – with an overview of a possible reconciliation
of their differences. Also, the UN decade of education
for sustainable development is given as an example
where an emphasis on values in education gets
a special role as it gives a framework for education
that is directed not only towards environmental
protection but also towards protection and survival
of global society.

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values; character education; cognitive- -developmental approach; universal values; education for sustainable development

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