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Dinko Jukić orcid id ; Trgovačka i komercijalna škola „Davor Milas“ Osijek, doktorand Ekonomskog fakulteta u Osijeku
Božica Dunković ; Agencija za razvoj Osječko-baranjske županije, doktorand Ekonomskog fakulteta u Osijeku

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According to the modern concept of social validation pseudofactor motivation
which is based on preferences Herzberg’s motivation theory in school management may
culminate inadequate service and poor quality. A key factor is precisely the strategic management,
which must comply with the basics KM, and comparison of the hierarchy of needs
and the hierarchy of values. Th e paper points to the obsolescence of Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs and Herzberg theories arising from the latter. Th ey propose a more modern approach
that is used in neuromarketing: concept of limbic and phenomenological approach to
perception. In accordance with the satisfaction of employees, but also the theory of equality
and non-profi t marketing Meler’s guidelines, preference is given properly motivated employees.
Satisfi ed with the service provider has a direct impact on the marketability and
profi tability of the organization, in accordance with the principles of lateral marketing to a
“promoter” services. Th e end-user services in the school’s management must be satisfi ed on
an emotional level, and it is achieved through the principles of the concept of SERVQUAL.
Kindness and identifi cation of service providers based on the concept of satisfying, and the
concept of satisfaction from Kotler prism of internal, external and interactive marketing.
Overcoming the underlying pseudomotivation is achieved by division of the complex of
individual versus collective knowledge. Having achieved a modern approach, non-profi t
organization goes beyond the defi nition and becomes marketable, profi table and recognized
by the quality of services.

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motivation; services; employees; school management

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