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The surroundings of Papuk and Krndija in the Middle Ages: contributions to local history (Part II)

Stanko Andrić

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str. 57-98

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In this second part of the survey, chronologically ordered sets of data from primary sources are presented for the localities situated along the southern slopes of the mountains Papuk and Krndija. Here the most important settlements, comprising castles and centers of large estates, were the following: Kamengrad (Hung. Kõvár); Stražemlje (Sztrazsemlje) or present-day Stražeman; Velika (Velike); Prepoštija (Prépostvára) or present-day Pogana Gradina near Kaptol (Pozsegaszentpéter); Vetovo (medieval and Hungarian name is unknown); and Kutjevo (Gotó). Each place is introduced with a few remarks on its historical names, topography and fortified building features. At the end of each series of data, early modern sources have also been examined and recounted in so far as they reveal some details about medieval buildings (castles) and their subsequent fate.

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Papuk; Krndija; castles; Kamengrad; Stražeman; Velika; Kaptol-Prepoštija; Vetovo; Kutjevo; Middle Ages; Ottoman period (16th – 17th centuries); local history

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