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Ibrahim Peçevi (1574-1649), an Ottoman historian from Pécs writing on Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Dino Mujadžević

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Ibrahim Peçevi (1574-1649) is one of the most important and the most interesting Ottoman historians in general. He was born in the Hungarian town of Pécs, but his ancestral roots were in Bosnia and he was related to some of the most important Ottoman statesmen of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This made possible his quite succesful career in the Ottoman financial administration. In the first part of his magnum opus, Tarih-i Peçevi, Peçevi writes about Ottoman history in the period of 1520-1566 on the basis of historical works written by earlier authors, but in the second part, in which he describes the period between 1566 and 1639, he uses the material which he collected from eyewitnesses or he describes the events which he witnessed himself. In addition to the interesting information he acquired as an insider of the Ottoman politics, his work is specific due to the fact that he also uses works by Western historians and that he writes about the Ottoman daily life.

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Ottoman historiograph; ; Ibrahim Peçevi; town of Pécs; Slavonia; Bosnia; 16th-17th centuries

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