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Conditions and development tendencies of touristic offer in Kupres municipality (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ante Šiljeg orcid id ; Odjel za geografiju, Sveučilište u Zadru
Silvija Šiljeg ; Odjel za geografiju, Sveučilište u Zadru
Željka Šiljković ; Odjel za geografiju, Sveučilište u Zadru

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Data on tourism represent a basic indicator of the tourist market situation. The very course of the development of a tourist destination, the distribution of tourist resources, as well as the possibility of implementing changes in the tourist offer, all depend upon this data. Strong competition and the increasingly demanding visitors cause the responsible authorities to conduct constant planning and coordination. The term "tourist planning" implies an integral and strategic planning which includes: destination analysis, defining goals, adoption of strategies and programs, planning of land usage, organization of market, defining the desirable economic effect of tourism, and the cooperation of all subjects in the tourist offer. The efficacy of such planning reflects in the tourism indicators which serve as a framework for the assessment of an existing situation and the forming of management guidelines. One of the most relevant indicators of conditions is the opinion of tourists who rate the advantages and the shortcomings of tourist offer in the area which they visit, as well as the opinion of the indigenous population which participates in the creation of the tourist offer.
The results of this paper are based upon the conducted survey among the visitors of sport-recreational centres Čajuša and Stožer, and the indigenous population of Kupres municipality. The structural characteristics of the examinees and the values of the actual opinions on the tourist offer have been determined. The perceived discrepancies in the answers from Croatian and domestic visitors indicate a tradition of visiting similar European destinations. The increase in number of tourists by 50% has been achieved in the last several years, primarily thanks to the snowmaking on the ski slopes, but also due to an improved tourist offer (ski courses, ski-lifts, ski kindergarten, snowboard slopes, traditional food, etc.). Although the pre-war tourist capacities still wait for a renewal, the foreign investments rapidly restructure the tourist offer and have a positive impact on the economy.
The use of GIS technology has allowed a simple analysis and data storage, making it possible to create a cartographic visualization. Thus, an accuracy in data presentation has been ensured, and each of the attractive factors in tourism has been associated with attribute data in the database. This type of planning guarantees a more responsible and efficient management of resources of a tourist destination and is crucial for the overall economic development of an area.

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Kupres municipality, tourism, indicators of conditions in tourism, tourist offer, tourist demand, GIS

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