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Original scientific paper

Some Contemporary Interactive Aspects of Music Teaching in the Learning Process

Diana Atanasov Piljek ; Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb
Igor Topolovac ; Primary school Dr. Ivan Merz, Zagreb

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This study investigated music teaching within the framework of contemporary education trends, integrated within the educational process. Music teaching is more and more often in interaction with various aspects of pupils' lives. It actively contributes to the psychological, emotional, motor and cognitive development of each pupil. The aim of this work is to point out that primary education pupils' active engagement in music may have an impact on their success in memorizing non-musical content. This emphasizes the importance of active engagement in music and its inclusion in other educational courses. The research was conducted by the method of experiment with one group, where the independent variable was the exposure of pupils to two weeks of everyday musical activities, and the dependent variable was the success in memorizing pairs in the Memory game. After examining the results, it was shown that the difference between the initial and final testing of the memorization capability of pairs in the Memory game, in the duration of 1 minute, was 107 pairs more in the final testing. The results confirm the assumption that continuous engagement in music has a positive impact on the cognitive aspect of personality (memory).


active music playing, contemporary curriculum, memory, music teaching

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