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Original scientific paper

What Kind of History-Related Knowledge Do Primary School Teachers Expect Their Pupils to Show?

Sanja Blagdanić ; Teachers’ Training Faculty, University of Belgrade
Zorica Kovačević ; Teachers’ Training Faculty, University of Belgrade

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This study was undertaken with the aim to identify the kind of knowledge which primary school teachers in Serbia expect their pupils to show related to the elements of history within the subject Social Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE). The data were acquired by analyzing the pedagogical documentation (373 tasks devised by teachers) and by observing 46 SESE classes devoted to elements of history. The findings show that no matter which technique of testing pupils' knowledge is applied, there is a notable predominance of demands on historical facts, rather than other forms of historical thinking, which appear only sporadically.


elements of history, historical thinking, SESE (Social Environmental and Scientific Education), testing knowledge

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