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Original scientific paper

Influence of different vigour clonal rootstocks on the fruit quality of ‘Lapins’ sweet cherry

Zlatko Čmelik orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ivo Miljković ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In the experiment, the 'Lapins' cherry variety was grafted on six rootstocks of different vigour (F12 / 1, Maxma 14, PiKu 1, Gisela 5, Weiroot 13 and Weiroot 158). The orchard was in full production (8 years after planting) and was planted at a distance of 5 x 3.5 m. The orchard was not irrigated. Samples were analyzed at full maturity. The study showed a significant impact on almost all parameters of fruit quality. The largest fruits were on the rootstock F12 / 1 and Gisela 5. The color indicators of the skin and flesh depended relatively little on the rootstocks. In the chemical composition, greater differences were manifested in the soluble dry matter, on W13 and PiKu 1 being highest, in which the vitamin C content was also higher. The largest differences were found in the content of phenol (199.0 mg / kg on the rootstock PiKu 1, and 68.3 on the rootstock W158) and in the content of neflavanoids (231.7 mg / kg on the rootstock PiKu 1, and 119.5 mg / kg on F12 / 1).


sweet cherry; rootstock; fruit quality

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