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  • Publication date: 15.09.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 16.09.2014.

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Finite element analysis of welding residual stress of aluminum plates under different butt joint parameters (page 161-166)

Guofa Mi, Changyun Li, Zeng Gao, Dawei Zhao, Jitai Niu
Original scientific paper

A linear cellular automation technique for predicting dynamic failure mode of a single-layer shell (page 167-174)

Ming Zhang, Yu Zhang, YanXia Huang, GuangChun Zhou, ZhiTao Jing
Original scientific paper

Time-frequency analyses of disturbances in power distribution systems (page 175-180)

Samir Avdakovic, Adnan Bosovic, Nedzad Hasanspahic, Kenan Saric
Original scientific paper

Use of machine learning for determining phytoplankton dynamic on station RV001 in front of Rovinj (Northern Adriatic) (page 181-187)

Goran Volf, Boris Kompare, Nevenka Ožanić
Original scientific paper

Fault tolerant LED power converter design for more efficient and durable lighting (page 189-195)

Kristian Gašparini, Abdelhameed Nasser, Saša Sladić
Original scientific paper

Analysis of the shear lag effect of cantilever box girder (page 197-207)

Yongchao Zhou
Original scientific paper

Storage degradation mechanism analysis and storage life prediction of the optoelectronic couplers (page 209-216)

Bo Wan, Guicui Fu, Chun Pei, Yibing Dong
Original scientific paper

Static structural analysis of S-lay pipe laying with a tensioner model based on the frictional contact (page 223-234)

Stefan Ivić, Marko Čanađija, Siniša Družeta
Original scientific paper

Trajectory tracking control based on adaptive neural dynamics for four-wheel drive omnidirectional mobile robots (page 235-243)

Jianbin Wang, Jianping Chen, Sijie Ouyang, Yimin Yang
Original scientific paper

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