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  • Publication date: 02.09.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.11.2014.

Table of contents

Full text

SADRŽAJ (page 3-3)


CONTENTS (page 4-4)


Riječ urednika (page 5-6)

Ivana Zagorac

Differences in Children’s Competencies that Indicate Readiness for Starting School (page 9-22)

Joško Sindik, Glibić Mirela, Vesna Marušić, Ranka Đunđenac
Preliminary communication

Teaching Music in Primary Education in European Countries (page 23-45)

Jasna Šulentić Begić, Amir Begić
Review article

Ethics of Sport as a New Teaching Subject? (page 47-66)

Matija Mato Škerbić
Review article

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: Workshops “Darwin Today” for Younger Primary School Students (page 83-92)

Aleksandra Andrić Radišić, Irella Bogut, Zvonimir Užarević
Professional paper

Following Columbus’ Steps in Discovering of the World (page 93-105)

Natalija Mihelčić
Professional paper

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