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  • Publication date: 05.01.2015.
  • Published on HRČAK: 05.01.2015.

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In Honor of 90-th Birthday of Prof. Egon Bauman (page 0-0)

Ž. Olujić, V. Simončič, V. Mahalec, D. Sinčić, Đ. Vasić-Rački, G. Bogdanić, B. Tripalo, Ž. Kurtanjek

Predicting the Liquid Phase Mass Transfer Resistance of Structured Packings (page 409-424)

Ž. Olujić, A. F. Seibert
Review article

Nonlinear Blend Scheduling via Inventory Pinch-based Algorithm using Discrete- and Continuous-time Models (page 425-436)

V. Mahalec, P. Castillo Castillo
Original scientific paper

Analysis of Cooling Water Systems in a Petroleum Refinery (page 451-457)

Lj. Matijašević, A. Vučković, I. Dejanović
Original scientific paper

Chemometric versus Random Forest Predictors of Ionic Liquid Toxicity (page 459-463)

Ž. Kurtanjek
Original scientific paper

Novel Fouling Measurement Device (page 465-472)

D. Sinčić, B. Ribić, A. Caharija
Original scientific paper

Cold Pressing and Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Seed Oil (page 481-490)

K. Aladić, S. Jokić, T. Moslavac, S. Tomas, S. Vidović, J. Vladić, D. Šubarić
Original scientific paper

Kinetic Aspects of Methylene Blue Adsorption on Blast Furnace Sludge (page 491-498)

J. Malina, A. Rađenović
Original scientific paper

Reducing Fat Globules Particle-Size in Goat Milk: Ultrasound and High Hydrostatic Pressures Approach (page 499-507)

S. Karlović, T. Bosiljkov, M. Brnčić, D. Semenski, F. Dujmić, B. Tripalo, D Ježek
Original scientific paper

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