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Croatica Chemica Acta , Vol. 64 No. 4, 1991.

  • Publication date: 29.02.1992.
  • Published on HRČAK: 09.04.2015.

Table of contents

Full text

Correlations Between Effective Crystal Radii and Unit Cell Volume in Tutton Salts (page 577-583)

V. Petruševski, S. Aleksovska
Original scientific paper

Study of Simple and Mixed Ligand Complexes of Copper Ions with some Amino-Acids and Succinate Anions by Differential Pulse Polarography - II (page 585-592)

H. M. Killa, E. M. Mabrouk, M. M. Moustafa, R. M. Issa
Original scientific paper

Ferrocene Compounds. XVIII. Synthesis of some 1,1’-Bis(ureidomethyl)ferrocene Derivatives (page 593-597)

Spomenka Kovač, Vladimir Rapić
Original scientific paper

Synthesis of 8-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrido-[3,4-d]pyrimidine-2,4-diones (page 599-606)

Nedjeljko Kujundžić, Berislav Glunčić
Original scientific paper

Electrochemical Investigations on Hydrazono Compounds (page 607-617)

Rajeev Jain, D. D. Agarwal, P. Pandey, R. K. Shrivastava
Original scientific paper

Reduction of Tetrabutylammonium Ion on Metal and Alloy Electrodes (page 619-623)

Zlatko Vajtner
Short communication, Note

Solvent Polarity and Supporting Electrolyte Concentration Influences on Faradaic Conductivity of Quinhydrone Solutions (page 625-635)

Šebojka Komorsky-Lovrić, Milivoj Lovrić
Original scientific paper

Stereochemical Studies of some 12a-Substituted Rotenoid Derivatives (page 637-647)

Ivanka Kostova, Nikolina Berova, Petko Ivanov, Bozhana Mikhova, Rositza Rakovska, Gunther Snatzke
Original scientific paper

Bonding Types in the Mixtures NiSnM, PdSnM, and PtSnM (page 649-654)

K. Schubert
Original scientific paper

Implementation of Selective Heteronuclear 2D J-Resolved Method on Standard NMR Spectrometers and Selective Proton Pulse Calibration (page 655-662)

S. Golič-Grdadolnik, D. Mugerli, J. Kidrič
Original scientific paper

Solvation of Chloropentaamminecobalt(III) Ion in Water-Dimethyl Sulfoxide Mixtures (page 663-672)

Warren L. Reynolds, Steven Davis, Mira Glavaš
Original scientific paper

Kinetic-Potentiometric Determination of Fe(III) using a Fluoride Ion-Selective Electrode (page 679-687)

Njegomir Radić, Josipa Komljenović
Original scientific paper

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