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  • Publication date: 05.08.1999.
  • Published on HRČAK: 25.04.2007.

Table of contents

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The Distribution of Land in Vitaljina in the Fifteenth Century (page 31-31)

Niko Kapetanić
Original scientific paper

A Recent Find: A Report from Dubrovnik on the State of the Ottoman Empire (1531) (page 46-46)

Žarko Muljačić
Original scientific paper

Ludovik Crijević Tubero: Humanist and Historiographer from Dubrovnik (page 94-94)

Vlado Rezar
Original scientific paper

Homicides Committed within the Family in the Republic of Dubrovnik (1667-1806) (page 153-155)

Nenad Vekarić
Original scientific paper

The Intelligence Service of the Dubrovnik Republic during the Austro-Turkish War, 1737-1739 (page 204-204)

Zdravko Šundrica
Original scientific paper

The Post of Emin in Ploče, the Ottoman Representative in the Republic of Dubrovnik (page 215-215)

Vesna Miović Perić
Original scientific paper

A Recently Discovered Political Poem by Đuro Hidža (page 250-250)

Slavica Stojan
Original scientific paper

Biografija i bibliografija Nade Beritić (1921-1996) (page 333-336)

Nenad Vekarić
In memoriam, Obituary

Povjesničar Maren Frejdenberg, istraživač dubrovačke prošlosti (page 337-343)

Mihaela Vekarić
Case report

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