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  • Publication date: 01.03.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 01.03.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

Uvodnik (page 0-0)

Introduction (page 7-10)


Marine Diesel-generator Model for Voltage and Frequency Variation Analysis During Fault Scenarios (page 11-24)

Aleksandar Cuculić, Jasmin Ćelić, Rene Prenc
Preliminary communication

Shipyard Production Processes Re-Design Methodology Based on Expert Approach and Simulation Modeling (page 25-41)

Tin Matulja, Marko Hadjina, Damir Kolić
Original scientific paper

Possibility of Using Flow Cytometry in the Treated Ballast Water Quality Detection (page 43-55)

Goran Bakalar, Vinko Tomas
Review article

Plastic Pollution from Ships (page 57-66)

Jelena Čulin, Toni Bielić
Review article

Review of Technological Processes at the Container Terminal (page 67-83)

Katarina Ivanić, Svjetlana Hess
Review article

Inland Container Terminals in the Function of the Northern Adriatic Ports Enhanced Operation (page 85-102)

Renato Oblak, Svjetlana Hess, Alen Jugović
Review article

The Role Of Strategic Management In The Cruising Tourism Market Offer (page 103-116)

Daniela Gračan
Review article

Effective Project Management Tools for Modern Organizational Structures (page 131-145)

Sonja Brlečić Valčić, Mira Dimitrić, Martina Dalsaso
Preliminary communication

A Comparative Analysis of Maritime Universities Websites (page 147-160)

Jasmin Ćelić, Aleksandar Cuculić, Sanjin Valčić
Review article

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