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  • Publication date: 02.05.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 16.05.2016.

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Impressum (page 0-0)

Impressum (page 0-0)


Development and Difficulties of the Eldercare System in Croatia (page 21-42)

Ivana Dobrotić
Review article

Coping and Emotion Regulation Strategies in Adulthood: Specificities Regarding Age, Gender and Level of Education (page 43-62)

Helena Smrtnik Vitulić, Simona Prosen
Original scientific paper

Friendship Maintenance Strategies and Satisfaction in Same-Sex Friendships – Actor-Partner Effects (page 63-83)

Aleksandra Huić, Ivana Smolčić
Original scientific paper

Parental Behavior and Adolescents' Achievement Emotions: The Role of Goal Orientations (page 85-105)

Tihana Hrkač, Rosanda Pahljina-Reinić
Original scientific paper

The Relationship Between Engagement in Physics, Achievement Goals, Subjective Values and Self-Worth Contingencies (page 107-129)

Vanja Putarek, Daria Rovan, Vesna Vlahović-Štetić
Original scientific paper

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