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  • Publication date: 28.10.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.10.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

O sramu (page 371-374)

On shame (page 375-378)

Ante Vučković

(Be)sramna kultura (page 379-395)

Shameful (Shameless) Culture (page 379-395)

Gordan Črpić, Krunoslav Novak
Review article

Shame in Gn. 2, 25 – 3, 21 (page 396-412)

Domagoj Runje
Original scientific paper

Pudore e vergogna. Per una ermeneutica teologica della condizione umana. (page 413-425)

Carmelo Dotolo
Original scientific paper

The meaning and function of shame from moral theological perspective (page 426-452)

Šimun Bilokapić
Original scientific paper

Psicologia della vergogna. Principali aspetti psicologici e culturali. (page 426-452)

Stefano Tognacci
Review article

Broken contract. An ethical inquiry into shame (page 478-493)

Stipe Buzar
Professional paper

Ontology of Shame in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (page 494-511)

Daniel Miščin
Original scientific paper

Experience and Concept of Shame in Judaism (page 529-543)

Jasminka Domaš
Conference paper

Sram u islamu (page 544-550)

Shame in Islam (page 544-550)

Scham im Islam (page 544-550)

Zekirja Sejdini
Conference paper

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