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  • Publication date: 16.12.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 16.12.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

Impresum (page 1-1)


Sadržaj (page 3-3)

Contents (page 2-2)


Indeks prikaza (page 6-7)


“I Think I Taw a Puddy Tat”: Reverse Faces of the Balkans and Popular Culture (page 34-34)

Tomislav Oroz
Original scientific paper

The Genealogy of an Animal Phraseme (page 46-46)

Antonija Zaradija Kiš
Review article

Ontološka stvarnost (page 47-59)

Ontological Reality (page 58-59)

Lidija Stojanović
Review article

The Oral Tradition of Hudam from Harmani (page 109-109)

Amira Dervišević
Review article

Conspiracy Theories as Urban Legends with a Paranoid Matrix (page 131-131)

Suzana Marjanić
Original scientific paper

The Motif of the Dream in the Croatian Oral Ballad (page 147-147)

Matea Balen
Original scientific paper

Prikazi (page 151-241)

Case report

Upute autorima (page 242-242)


Adrese autora (page 243-243)


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