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  • Publication date: 10.12.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.03.2017.

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Josip Janković

Dynamics of Small Educational Groups (page 40-40)

Josip Janković, Anita Bagić, Ilija Krišto
Review article

Correlation of Early Parental Messages with Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents in Kiseljak (page 61-61)

Franka Milišić, Sonja Barić, Gordana Berc
Original scientific paper

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the Community (page 90-90)

Ivan Leutar, Tanja Penava, Nedjeljko Marković
Original scientific paper

Work Experience of Social Workers with Roma Families (page 116-116)

Mirna Elijaš, Maja Laklija
Original scientific paper

Demographic Ageing of Population and Care for the Elderly in Croatia (page 137-137)

Suzana Jedvaj, Ana Štambuk, Silvia Rusac
Review article

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(page 0-0)


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