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  • Publication date: 02.11.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 07.11.2017.

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Editorial (page II-II)

Srećko Krile

Records of New Fish Species in the River Neretva Estuary: Potential Threat to Coastal Adriatic Nursery (page 86-89)

Branko Glamuzina, Vlasta Bartulović, Luka Glamuzina, Tatjana Dobroslavić
Preliminary communication

An Appraisal of Demurrage Policies and Charges of Maritime Operators in Nigerian Seaport Terminals: the Shipping Industry and Economic Implications (page 90-99)

Obed Ndikom, Nwokedi Theophilus C., Sodiq Olusegun Buhari, Kenneth Okeke Okechukwu
Review article

Comparative Analysis of Cold Ironing Rules (page 100-107)

S. Espinosa Sanes, P. Casals-Torrens, R. Bosch Tous, M. Castells
Review article

Future of the Inland Waterway Transport (page 108-111)

Václav Cempírek, Jiří Čejka
Review article

Assessment of Competitiveness of Shipbuilding Industry in Russia (page 112-119)

Irina R. Tulyakova, Elena Gregova, Victor V. Dengov
Review article

Green Logistics: Element of the Sustainable Development Concept. Part 1 (page 120-126)

Aleksandr Rakhmangulov, Aleksander Sladkowski, Nikita Osintsev, Dmitri Muravev
Review article

Preview of Ballast Water Treatment System Market Status (page 127-132)

Nermin Hasanspahić, Damir Zec
Review article

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