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  • Publication date: 21.12.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 19.06.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Nonlinear restoring stiffness of triangular tension leg platforms (page 1-18)

Ivo Senjanović, Marko Tomić, Smiljko Rudan, Neven Hadžić
Original scientific paper

Numerical model for confined masonry structures based on finite discrete element method (page 19-35)

Hrvoje Smoljanović, Nikolina Živaljić, Željana Nikolić, Ante Munjiza
Original scientific paper

Sparse representation for pose invariant face recognition (page 37-47)

Zhi Chen, Wei Shen, Yumin Zeng
Original scientific paper

Manufacturing lot size and product distribution problem with rework, outsourcing and discontinuous inventory distribution policy (page 49-61)

Singa Wang Chiu, Chen-Ju Liu, Yi-Ying Li, Chung-Li Chou
Preliminary communication

Finite production rate model with backlogging, service level constraint, rework, and random breakdown (page 63-80)

Singa Wang Chiu, Chen-Ju Liu, Yu-Ru Chen, Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu
Preliminary communication

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