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  • Publication date: 01.09.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 01.09.2020.

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Differences in the Relationship between Personal Values and the Dark Triad in Men and Women (page 349-371)

Tomislav Pavlović, Miroslav Rajter
Original scientific paper

Effects of Renewal Investments in Immovable Cultural Heritage on Slovenian Public Finances: Convergence with Selected EU Countries (page 395-412)

Borut Vojinović, France Križanič, Vasja Kolšek
Original scientific paper

Relationship Satisfaction in Homosexual and Heterosexual Couples: A Dyadic Model (page 413-430)

Nina Brkić-Jovanović, Milica Lazić, Ivan Jerković, Ivana Mihić, Bojana Perić-Prkosovački
Original scientific paper

Prevalence, Types and Predictors of Sexual Aggression among College Students (page 431-452)

Andrea Čvek, Ivana Tucak Junaković
Original scientific paper

A Comparative Macrostructural Analysis of Narrative Discourse in Children with Typical Language Development and Children with Developmental Language Disorder (page 453-470)

Jelena Kuvač Kraljević, Gordana Hržica, Ivana Vdović Gorup
Original scientific paper

Yael Tamir: Why Nationalism? (page 497-499)

Tomislav Kardum
Case report

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