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  • Publication date: 24.12.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.12.2021.

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Estimation of age at death based on the analysis of third molar mineralization in individuals from Brazilian archaeological populations (page 58-65)

Denise Rabelo Maciel, Daniel Fidalgo, Claudio Costa, Veronica Wesolowski, Edgard Michel Crosato, Maria Gabriela Haye Biazevic
Original scientific paper

Palatal rugoscopy as an aid for sex determination in Tengger population, Indonesia (page 77-82)

Beshlina Fitri W.R. Prakoeswa, Arofi Kurniawan, Aspalilah Alias, An’nisa Chusida, Maria Istiqomah Marini, Beta Novia Rizky
Original scientific paper

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