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Technical Journal , Vol. 18 No. 1, 2024.

  • Publication date: 15.02.2024.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.01.2024.

Table of contents

Full text

Effects of COVID 19 on Electrocardiographic Parameters: Healthy ECGs vs COVID 19 ECGs (page 1-7)

Hüseyin Yanık, Selma Yaman, Evren Değirmenci
Original scientific paper

Application of Probability-based Multi-objective Optimization in Portfolio Investment and Engineering Management Problems (page 8-11)

Maosheng Zheng, Jie Yu, Haipeng Teng, Yi Wang
Original scientific paper

Effect of AI: The Future Landscape of National Cybersecurity Strategies (page 29-36)

Geunhye Kim, Kyudong Park
Original scientific paper

Design of Efficient Phishing Detection Model using Machine Learning (page 37-42)

Bong-Hyun Kim
Original scientific paper

AI-based Electric Fire Detection State Judgment Data Set Construction (page 43-48)

Hee-Chul Kim
Original scientific paper

Mechanical Alloying Synthesis of AB3 Zirconium Substituted Intermetallic (page 49-55)

Hassen Jaafar, Chiheb Slama, Ines Sahli, Férid Mokhtar, Mohieddine Abdellaoui
Original scientific paper

The Optimal Strategy for Combining the EFQM and SWOT Methods in Power Plants (page 56-62)

Behzad Partovi, Samira Geravand
Original scientific paper

PID Control of Hybrid DC-DC Converter System in Complex Load with Double Reference Time (page 63-72)

Erol Can, Murat Gülnahar
Original scientific paper

Battery Powered Grass Trimmer Life Cycle Assessment – Case Study (page 73-80)

Goran Rozing, Dina Jukić, Hrvoje Glavaš, Mirko Karakašić
Original scientific paper

Influence of the LPBF Process Parameters on the Porosity of the AlSi10Mg Alloy (page 87-91)

Sanja Šolić, Iva Sakač, Vlado Tropša, Mario Šercer
Original scientific paper

Detect People's Faces and Protect Them by Providing High Privacy Based on Deep Learning (page 92-99)

Mauj Haider AbdAlkreem, Ruaa Sadoon Salman, Farah Khiled Al-Jibory
Original scientific paper

Analysis Effect of Environmental Orientation and Organizational Innovation on Environmental Talent Development and Performance (page 100-107)

Dilsad Guzel, Gulsah Korkmaz, Alireza Shahbazpour Asıabı
Preliminary communication

Reducing Change Resistance: Stakeholder-based Approach for Extended Reality (XR) Implementations (page 115-121)

Lena Sophie Leitenbauer, Sabrina Romina Sorko, Miriam Lutz
Preliminary communication

Optimisation of Parameters for Metal Part Cutting on a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (page 122-128)

Hrvoje Cajner, Vid Križanić, Tihomir Opetuk, Maja Trstenjak
Preliminary communication

Remaining Socially Responsible in the Age of Smart Sustainable Production (page 129-133)

Mihai Dragomir, Denisa Szabo, Diana Dragomir, Diana Blagu
Preliminary communication

Estimating Costs and Benefits of Preventive Ergonomic Measures (page 134-141)

Tea Bajičová, Ilona Kačerová, Michal Šimon
Preliminary communication

Methods of Land Cover Classification Using Worldview-3 Satellite Images in Land Management (page 142-147)

Lovre Panđa, Dorijan Radočaj, Rina Milošević
Review article

Influence of Natural Zeolites on the Thermal Decomposition of Multi-layered Plastic Waste (page 148-156)

Milica Djurdjevic, Sasa Papuga, Irma Kremer, Darko Bodroza
Review article

Development of a Strategy Roadmap for the Widespread Implementation of Extended Reality (page 157-162)

Sabrina Romina Sorko, Christine Lichem-Herzog
Review article

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