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  • Publication date: 31.12.2023.
  • Published on HRČAK: 29.03.2024.

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis of the Low-Cost Airline Services After COVID-19 Outbreak: The Case of AirAsia (page 1-23)

Nor Hasliza Md Saad, Chin Wei San, Zulnaidi Yaacob
Original scientific paper

Digital Content Marketing and EWOM: A Mediational Serial Approach (page 24-43)

Vjollca Visoka Hasani, Jusuf Zeqiri, Teodora Todorovik, Dhouha Jaziri, Asdren Toska
Original scientific paper

Shaping Startup Culture in Croatia: The Role of Internal Marketing in Fostering Growth (page 44-60)

Mirko Palić, Zrinka Kozina, Natalia Tutek
Original scientific paper

Economic and Environmental Sustainability through Trade Openness and Energy Production (page 102-123)

Tomader Elhassan
Original scientific paper

Adolescent Well-being and Life Satisfaction: Impact of Digital Technology Usage (page 124-144)

Iris Miihajlović, Cvijeta Djevojić, Marino Stanković
Original scientific paper

Virtue Ethics, Managerial Profession and Personality Traits: The Extension of Mintzberg's Managerial Traits (page 145-157)

Irena Bilić, Dinko Primorac, Željka Marčinko Trkulja
Original scientific paper

Generation Z Purchase Intentions: Does Sponsorship Disclosure Matter? (page 158-172)

Sesar Vesna, Anica Hunjet, Ivana Martinčević
Original scientific paper

Developing Luxury Jewellery Consumption Scale: Integrating Dual Process Theory and Theory of Consumption (page 173-189)

Mirna El-Shayeb, Sara El-Deeb
Original scientific paper

Exploring the Link Between Education Length and Employment Outcomes among Youth in Europe: A Hierarchical Clustering Approach (page 190-213)

Krpan Mira, Margareta Gardijan Kedžo, Berislav Žmuk
Original scientific paper

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