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Collegium antropologicum , Vol. 28 - Supplement 1 No. 1, 2004.

  • Publication date: 24.06.2004.
  • Published on HRČAK: 21.10.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Language Dynamics and Change Introduction to Linguistic Diversity in Anthropological Perspective (page 1-4)

Anita Sujoldžić, Vesna Muhvić-Dimanovski

Universals of Language Maintenance, Shift and Change (page 5-12)

Wolfgang Wölck
Case report

Suggesting a New European Language Policy (page 13-26)

Peter H. Nelde
Original scientific paper

Linguistic Diversity, Global Paradigms and Taken-for-Grantedness (page 27-36)

Angéline Martel
Original scientific paper

Getting Language Rights, Shifting Linguistic Traditions* (page 43-48)

Joseph Errington
Case report

The Birth of New Languages in Contemporary Europe (page 49-53)

Alberto Nocentini
Case report

A Phenomenological View of Language Shift (page 55-62)

Lukas D. Tsitsipis
Original scientific paper

Language and Identity – The Afrikaans Community in the UK (page 63-72)

Ernst Kotzé
Original scientific paper

A Contrastive View of Irish Language Dynamics (page 73-81)

Conchúr Ó Giollagáin
Original scientific paper

Cultural Implications of Attitudes and Evaluative Reactions Toward Dialect Variation in Croatian Youth (page 97-107)

Lucija Šimičić, Anita Sujoldžić
Original scientific paper

Identity and Transculture in Vice Versa (page 109-113)

Alessandra Renzi
Original scientific paper

Japanese Attitudes Towards Foreign Languages (page 115-122)

Keiko Abe
Case report

New Concepts and Words in Post-Soviet Russia (page 131-138)

Elena A. Pelikh
Original scientific paper

New Concepts and New Words – How Do Languages Cope With the Problem of Neology? (page 139-146)

Vesna Muhvić-Dimanovski
Original scientific paper

Ethno-Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of West Pamir (page 147-159)

Leila R. Dodykhudoeva
Original scientific paper

What Do Names Tell Us About Our Former Occupations? (page 161-170)

Dunja Brozović Rončević
Case report

Body Metaphors – Reading the Body in Contemporary Culture (page 183-189)

Danica Škara
Case report

Semantic Couplets as an Expression of Cultural Identity (page 191-199)

Mercedes Montes de Oca Vega
Original scientific paper

On German-Croatian and Italian-Croatian Language Contact (page 201-205)

Zrinjka Glovacki-Bernardi, Mirna Jernej
Case report

Traces of Cannibalistic Instinct in Food Denomination (page 221-227)

Maria Luisa Mayer Modena
Original scientific paper

Language and Cultural Contacts Among Yukatekan Mayans (page 241-248)

Charles A. Hofling
Original scientific paper

Vitality and Erosion Of Molise Croatian Dialect* (page 263-274)

Anita Sujoldžić
Original scientific paper

On the Cultural Unity of Europe and a European Dictionary Project (page 275-284)

Vincenzo Merolle
Preliminary communication


Preliminary communication

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