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  • Publication date: 08.07.2024.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.07.2024.

Table of contents

Full text

Introduction (page 1-8)


Hydrogen as a Viable Energy Source in Maritime Coastal Transport (page 9-30)

Tomislav Bukša, Juraj Bukša
Review article

LNG Carrier Steam Dump Process Analysis (page 31-46)

Igor Poljak, Jelena Čulin, Vedran Mrzljak, Vlatko Knežević
Original scientific paper

The Impact of Human Factors on Safety at Railway- Road Crossings in the Western Part of Croatia (page 47-62)

Siniša Vilke, Kristina Dundović, Josip Knežević
Review article

The Drivers of Port Productivity for Selected Indian Ocean Ports Using the Malmquist Productivity Index (page 83-92)

Adeola Oluwatoyin Osundiran, Tshehla Makogpa
Review article

Analysis of the Seafarers’ Signing-on and Signing-off in National Navigation (page 93-110)

Josip Kardum, Ana Gundić, Dino Županović, Astrid Zekić
Review article

Activity of the Marina and the Local Community in Terms of Socially Responsible Behaviour (page 111-122)

Tihomir Luković, Daniela Gračan, Romina Agbaba
Preliminary communication

Paradigmatic Blue Economy Literature Review (page 123-134)

Kristina Pilko
Review article

Economic Governance in Maritime Affairs (page 135-156)

Borna Debelić
Review article

New Legal Framework for Concessions in Maritime Ports of the Republic of Croatia (page 157-176)

Goran Vojković
Preliminary communication

Tachograph - Monitoring Device for Greater Road Traffic Safety (page 177-188)

Josip Borić, Helena Štrk, Siniša Vilke
Professional paper

Instructions for authors (page 189-194)


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