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Metallurgy , Vol. 45 No. 1, 2006.

  • Publication date: 12.12.2005.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.01.2007.

Table of contents

Full text

The influence of mechanical activation of chalcopyrite on the selective leaching of copper by sulphuric acid (page 9-12)

M. Achimovičová, P. Baláž, J. Briančin
Original scientific paper

Effect of Melting Techniques on Ductile Iron castings Properties (page 13-16)

S. Bockus, A. Dobrovolskis
Original scientific paper

High Temperature Mechanical Properties of the As-Cast Low Carbon Steels and Their Prediction (page 17-20)

A. Ševčík, J. Macurák, J. Ševčíková
Original scientific paper

Wear Beahaviour of Nitrided Microstructures of AlSl H13 Dies for Hot Extrusion of Aluminium (page 21-29)

G. Kugler, R. Turk, T. Večko-Pirtovšek, M. Terčelj
Original scientific paper

Serpentine Waste Milling (page 31-35)

M. Leško, M. Búgel, A. Pietriková, T. Bakalár
Preliminary communication

The Condition of Silica Sand Grains Surface Subjected to Reclamation Treatment (page 37-40)

M. Łucarz
Preliminary communication

The Influence of Nitride on the Melting Cu-Al Alloys Conductions (page 41-44)

A. W. Bydałek
Preliminary communication

The Influence of Tandem Mill Reduction on Double Reduced (DR) Tinplates Anisotropy (page 45-49)

E. Spišák, J. Slota, T. Kvačkaj, A. Bobenič
Preliminary communication

Development of Bake Hardening Effect by Plastic Deformation and Annealing Conditions (page 51-55)

T. Kvačkaj, I. Mamuzić
Preliminary communication

The Influence of the Loading Rate on the Mechanical Properties of Drawing Steel Sheet (page 57-60)

M. Buršák, I. Mamuzić
Preliminary communication

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