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  • Publication date: 26.02.2009.
  • Published on HRČAK: 14.05.2009.

Table of contents

Full text

SADRŽAJ (page 3-3)

CONTENTS (page 4-4)



Milan Polić

Peter Paul Vergerio, Sr. – studia liberalia and education of a free man (page 9-22)

Ivana Zagorac
Original scientific paper

Philosophy as part of culture or its starting point? (page 23-32)

Snježan Hasnaš
Preliminary communication

Transitional society and creators of culture (page 71-77)

Suzana Mihajlovska
Review article

End of history or a new epoch? (page 79-85)

Vladimir Jelkić
Review article

Mathematics surrounds us. Synopsis for a workshop in a Step by step programme (page 97-105)

Radojko Damjanović
Professional paper

RECENZIJE (page 109-118)

Rona Bušljeta, Dunja Marušić
Case report

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